Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, For Geocachers

No search of haunted caches would be complete without the mention of Sleepy Hollow.  The legend is popular.  The stories are abundant.  Who knows if they are true or somewhat made up, but who wants to challenge it?

Knickerbocker Boneyard I had mentioned in an earlier post, so you can bounce back to that if you want.   The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,  GC2NWQT  geocache was established by BriGuyNY back in 2011.  This guy made a real game out of this cache, but not too be so difficult to bring on a bunch of DNF.  Check the story out.

Geocache description:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Written by me, Geoffrey Crayon Published in my 1820 Sketch Book Poor Ichabod Crane the school teacher, falling in love with a rich farmer's daughter Katrina Van Tassel, getting into a skirmish with the town rowdy Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt, and eventually chased out of town by the Headless Horseman, never to be seen again beyond the bridge over the Pocantico River right here in Sleepy Hollow. 

Can you solve the mystery of what really happened on that fateful night? 

To begin, some online research may be required, unless you know my short story. The North coordinate relates to the fiction while the West coordinate relates to the opposite. When you arrive in town, park near the I.P. Here you will see one awesome sculpture depicting my famous scene. Now where did that Ichabod Crane run off to? Figure out the clues using nearby signage and see if you can locate my final stash!

Moving on to The Pathfinder, GC2NWT4, which is located on the edge of the legendary cemetery, and again done by BriGuyNY.  Check this simple, during the warmer months, geocache.

Geocache Description:

A small pull-off area on Route 9's Northbound side with a historical marker paying tribute to a man named John C. Fremont. 

 Like you and me, John C. Fremont went on expeditions. Unlike you and me, his expeditions were for warfare, whereas our expeditions are for geocaches. This is how he gained his nickname, "The Pathfinder" (Click Here for more details). Unfortunately he saw little success during his later years and thus died as a forgotten man. Don't worry John, we know you'd be geocaching if you were still here, and we'll always remember you. 

 In memory of John C. Fremont there is a Cold Spring at this location. You do not need to go in the cemetery to find this cache. Also be careful since the pull-off is small and comfortably fits only 1 geo-mobile at a time. This spot is minimally plowed during the winter months.

Question here - does anybody really think that a simple little fence keeps the spirits inside the cemetery.  Think about this when caching on the outer edges of any graveyard.

Any true geocacher will want to spend some time in the area doing a couple of series that are right there close to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  They are both to extensive to describe them all but I will tell you where to start on each. 

GC4A2VE, Kingsland Point Multi-stage, created by BashleyK,,  will lead you on a nice little walk along the Hudson River in Kingsland Point County Park in Sleepy Hollow.  This sounds like it is best for the warmer months or those who are the super hardy cacherCheck out this great series and add it to you 'must do' list if in the area. 

And then there is the series, the OCATT, that is again done by BriGuyNY.  This is a very ambitious series, spanning over 30 miles, and yet still cacher friendly as it can do done any time of the year.

OCATT standsfor Old Croton Aqueduct Tribute Trail.  This is a tribute trail for all geocachers who live and/or geocache within the confines of  Westchester County in the great state of New York.  Caches reach from Croton's Reservoir Dam to NYC's High Bridge.  Check out GC2R761, OCATT - Hikerguy1, for the beginning of info on this series. 

Wanting to keep close to the Halloween theme today, instead of searching out more caches, I will just finish up with photos from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Some are pretty.  Some are creepy.  All show an area that would be pretty scary after dark.

 Could this be a family affair? 

Beautiful in the snow!


Is that a 'shadow' or someone something a bit creepier?

Angelic or something else? 

This just may be the way some cachers feel after a long day of searching.