Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo Post for Creepy Caches # 1

There are so many neat cemetery, creepy, spooky, scary and just plain ole' neat caches that I really want to show some of the photos.  Lots of these caches have very little in the way of stories behind them but because of the creativity of the maker or the location, the photos are all that is required to enjoy them.

Take a look at El Diablo's Treasure, located just west of Tombstone Arizona.  From the looks of this cache, it really could fit in at Tombstone's Boothill Graveyard.

The not so lucky, last geocacher

 What brave soul these are - to do this cache at night

I don't know but this sort of looks like the beginning 
of a great friendship

Must have been something contagious that I 
managed NOT to catch

Even Mother Nature supplied a bit of creepiness for some cachers

GCKPPC - El Diablo's Treasure has been enjoyed by almost 400 cachers and only one of those didn't get a smiley.  From all the post I have read, it is by far one of the favs in southern Arizona.  Thanks
Team Piggin Out, for this amazing cache.

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