Friday, December 30, 2011

In the beginning

     It started out so simple.  My niece wanting to go out and track down this little hidden container. She said that it is called Geocaching.  Called what?  Ok. Why do we want to do this?  So that we could sign our newly acquired Geo names to a little piece of paper.  OK.  Not a big deal.  I thought that the concept was sort of strange but it was something that we could do to get a little much needed exercise.  

     My first was only a few miles from the house.  Again, easy.  To my surprise the little hunt was fun and automatically addicting.  I was ready for the next one right then and there. 

     I am a newbie.  I know very little about this other than the fact that I truly enjoy this.  I have met great people out doing this very same thing who are willing to share their experiences and expertise with others.  

     Stay tuned to this blog as it will be building with fun and exciting stories.  
     Will to share?  Please let me know !

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  1. The beginning is a very good place to start, so here I am. We first started because my twitter friend @Lisa_and_Stella kept mentioning it, so we looked it up, signed up and got started. We'd already got a Garmin GPS for dad's sailing so now we had a land use for it! I'm TeaganRose by the way..