Saturday, January 7, 2012


    Or - put on your cachy pants and hiking boots.  Either will work because this event sounds like a lot of fun and best of all is that there is plenty of SWAG ! !  And we at SwagHunter are all about the swag.
    Here is the scoop on the Yuma Event -

And this is where it is happening -  N 32° 43.691 W 114° 36.965 (directions for the hard core cacher)

City of Yuma, Arizona
Activities Start At 9:00 AM with BBQ At Noon
S*W*A*G Donations & Prizes
  Poker Cache Run
Goodies-SWAG-Free Stuff


     I can't say that I have ever been to a caching event; I am pretty new at this.  SchnauzerQueen, WeenieQueen and I are going to spend a couple of days and nights in the area to take in some new caches.  There are a ton of them in the area.  And you can drive just across the border into Cali and finds lots more all along the freeway.  Feeling adventursome ?  Los Algodones is just across the Mexico border with caches waiting to be found.  

     Mark your calendar and plan on being in Yuma to meet other cachers, hang out at the pre-events the night before and find all of us from SwagHunters.

Here's a great site to start out with -

Watch for our updates on this event.  

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  1. I'm thinking about going to this event, not sure If I am going to try a weekend thing or take a LOOOOONNNNG day trip (I'm in Tucson). I might continue in to cali to visit my aunt ;) who knows! If not, there is always next year!!