Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yuma Event #10 Date Scheduled !

     As the temperature today in Yuma Arizona soared to 109 degrees today, most people may be thinking it would be crazy to plan a trip to such a desert.  But please remember that it is a dry heat and in February the weather is perfect.  When the blizzards are blowing in Minnesota and those in Wyoming are attempting to find a way to get their frozen car doors open,  Yuma is living up to it’s reputation of being the ‘Sunniest City in the United States’.  
     Perfect location is all that can be said for the Yuma Event #10; a geocachers dream weekend.      

     Before I talk about the event, just let me tell you about the caching world that surrounds Yuma.  First – Yuma has over 2000 caches within a 50 mile radius.  There is something for everyone including night, desert, water, mountain, puzzle and the biggest TB Hotel you have ever seen.  

Accommodations - There are a ton of RV parks in the area for those who travel in their home away from home.  Yuma has a more than adequate number of reasonable priced hotels.  

Recreation – besides the caching you can keep yourself occupied and out of trouble with water sports on the river, quick trip across the border to Los Algodonefor some great Mexican food (don’t forget the required passport to return home) and historic sights galore. 

If you haven’t been to Yuma in the past, you now know a few little tid bits about the city.  

For the Event !  We’ll talk basics for now so you can all put it on your calendar.  Then watch for weekly reports covering more details right here on SwagHunter.  

Date -  February  8th to 10th, 2013
Time – 9 a.m.
Location - Gateway Park in Historical Old Town Yuma  (that is the location for the Main Event)  Other Satellite Events will be held on Friday and Saturday at various locations around Yuma
Need to bring – chair, plenty of beverage,  sunscreen, thinking cap and your basic cacher’s tool box. 
Other events  that we will cover later – Poker Derby, Geo-Bingo, 50/50 Draw, Door Prizes, Travel Bug viewing and the famous Tri-Tip BBQ lunch


This is just beginning.  Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available or beware of the repercussions.    

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