Friday, August 10, 2012

And Then There's TB Vehicles

     Penni wasn't just thinking about the dogs when she booked this location.  The Reid Park location of Queens' TB Rods and Dogs Meet and Greet was perfect for the cars and trucks too.  Parking was right at the event site so no need to walk a mile carrying food and chairs.  And large spaces for those trucks, a few caches close by - again, what more could a cacher ask for?
If a cacher wondered by, and was not aware of the event, they would have just by the cars.  So many TB vehicles!  Neat.
And if there was a contest for the cutest little TB vehicle or the absolutely most obvious TB vehicle, then there is only one choice for a winner.
Congrats Dale!  But one question here - how do you take your kids anywhere with you? 


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