Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Album for Saturday, August 4, 2012

     I suppose the easiest way to get the pics out to everyone is to just post them in an album of sorts.  Lots of smiling faces on cachers and dogs alike, at  Queens' TB Rods and Dogs Meet and Greet. 

     Here's a bunch of pics taken by Bailie, aka WeenieQueen, and myself; also photos that have been shared on Facebook.  If anybody has more that they would like to share, it is never too late.   Enjoy !
McCarthy guys with D Force Dale
ShadowAce the human TB with Penni Parrish - SchnauzerQueen
Team Bugman and Team ShadowAce families
One of the McCarthy men manning the grill.
Sort of looks like 'coins by the pound' !
Penni with Ashton (I think that is his name)
SchnauzerQueen's family, here to support with her very first event.

A second album will follow shortly.

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