Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos From Paradise

     Thanks to Lookin Good, I have some great photos from Paradise Bakery, Scottsdale, Arizona.  This was the early morning meeting place for local geocachers wanting to celebrate International Geocaching Day.  Since I am waiting for reports on events from other parts of the world, Dave Coombs' group who did some geocaching and kite flying near Horsham, and Sam Petre who did the Inside Out Pants On Your Head Flash Mob in Maidstone Town.  As of now, it sounds like Sam had way too much fun. 

For now, I'll just make this a total photo album post.

Shirley and Mark


One quick note here -
did you notice how many kids were in attendance?  It is so nice to see this be a true family affair.  

Thanks again to Lookin Good for sharing such neat photos and to our fantastic hosts - Mark and Shirley.

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