Monday, October 15, 2012

Chuck Mettille Arizona Update

There is no doubt in my mind that there is not a cacher out there who could walk the trail that would be Chuck Mettille last cache, and not think about how it must have been for him that day.  Facebook acquaintance and fellow geocacher, Michael Weiner from Lakewood, Ohio, recently hiked Chuck's Last First (GC3PXG1) and shared just a little bit of experience.

We come down to Scottsdale to visit my parents a couple times a year, and me have somehow caching friends that we have made here. When we heard of Chucks passing through friends and also my parents we knew that we had to come do the tribute cache to honor a fallen geocacher. We did not know Chuck personally, but we knew off him through friends and having done a few of his caches. We also had a milestone to hit while we were out here so we thought that this would be perfect, hike out to see the tribute cache and make that our 11000 cache find. And a great hike it was and absolute great cache to do with our friends. If you haven't done it yet personally, we highly recommend it, but I might wait til it gets a little cooler outside.

From the looks of the map, it is quite a hike.  Cooler weather caching sounds like a great idea. 

Thanks Michael for sharing.   

So, when in Arizona, definitely look up this cache and take a hike.   Oh - think about ordering one of the commemorative Chuck Mettille Last First Pathtags too.  They are super sharp.

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