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Yuma Mega Event 2013 Update !

Direct from  Del (trudell)-  here is the latest info on the events that will make the Yuma Mega Event # 10 - 2013 the most happening weekend that Yuma has ever seen.
Check out this official list and the info that goes with each -

What’s Happening???

Greetings to all Event Attendees!  Hopefully, this info sheet will help you plan your activities for the Mega Event Weekend.  We’re here to have some FUN and hope that all will have an enjoyable weekend. 

Friday, February 8   
“The Warm Up BEFORE the Warm Up Event”, GC43VZG, will be held in Yuma’s Old Town at the Lutes Casino.  Start time is 6:00 PM and will last until (?).  This is an informal meet and greet set up by our friends from the Phoenix area.  You’re on your own for food and beverages.  Thanks Joe!

Sometime on Friday, 29 Mega Event caches will be published on the Groundspeak website.  These will be regular caches that can be logged.  We don’t know what time they will be published.  Some of these caches will be selected at random and prizes will be awarded to some of the finders.  Selection of “winners” will be on a random basis.  3 special Night Caches have also been placed, monitor GS to find GC number.  

For those who arrive early, you’ll find numerous caches placed around the Yuma area to find at your leisure.  For these a word of caution:  many are placed in the desert where a 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle is highly recommended.  DON’T GET STUCK SOMEWHERE!   It’s winter in Yuma but you COULD possibly encounter rattlesnakes, scorpions, etc.  So be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution in the desert.

Entry to the Barry Goldwater Bombing Range is authorized by “Permit Only”.  If you haven’t already obtained a Range Permit, please do not attempt to enter.  The permit office is located at the main gate at the Marine Corps base and is only open M-F from 0900 to 1500.  


You’re on your own for caching, sightseeing, or whatever.  You decide what you’d like to do.  Lots of history around Yuma and the infamous Yuma Territorial Prison or Quartermaster Depot may be on your list.  Both are located in the Old Town area.

3:00 PMYuma Warm Up Mega Event #10, GC41MVJ will start at the Z Fun Factory and last until (?).  This is the “official” meet and greet.  Fun Factory is working on a burgers/hot dog buffet for geocachers.  All type of beverages and a multitude of activities can be found at the Fun Factory for the young and “young at heart”.   Yuma Mega Event #10 coins will be available at this time and also on Sunday.    Supplies are limited so don’t miss out on a chance to purchase one of these unique, event coins.  Coins are $12.00 each.  No other organized events on Saturday.  Enjoy the day.

                          SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 


Mega Event#10 will start at Yuma’s Gateway Park in Old Town at 9:00 AM and last until about 3:00 PM.  Please bring your own chair and beverage.

CITO will start at the completion of the main event and should take about 30 minutes or so.  Our goal is to clean up Gateway Park and leave it better than we found it.  Garbage bags will be made available for those who wish to participate. 

     REGISTRATION should be one of your first stops.  Desk is open from 9:00 to 12:00.   Here you will be given a name tag and a ticket for the prize drawing conducted after lunch.  You must wear your name tag as this will also serve as your meal ticket.  Raffle drawing tickets will be given only to those individuals with a geocaching name registered with Groundspeak.   The “log- in board” will be a white board placed nearby.  Please sign the board, take your pictures, etc., etc.

Poker Run starts at 8:30 am and will continue until all poker hands have been exhausted.  There will only be 300 poker hands available to anyone with an OFFICIAL GEOCACHING NAME.  Prizes will be as listed on Mega Event #10page, GC3NGQQ, and awarded after dinner.

    50/50 RAFFLE tickets will be sold from 9:00 to 12:00.  50% of the proceeds will go to SWAG to help fund expenses involved with the event and 50% will be returned to the lucky winner(s) via drawing after lunch has been served. 

    YUMA MEGA EVENT SHIRTS will be on sale 9:00 to 12:00.  Supplies are limited so be the first in line to grab a reminder of the First Mega Event in Arizona.  Prices will vary according to size purchased. 

    Mark the Spot starts at 9:00 and will continue until all flags have been used.  400 flags available, First Come, First Served.  Prize for the flag “closest to the spot”.   This little activity will be monitored by Yuma’s own Godfather of Caching, ”GIDEON-X”.   Gideon-X has been active in Yuma Geocaching since Moby Dick was a minnow (well….like maybe since 2001).  Stop by, have a picture taken, shoot the breeze with G-X……….just wear your boots so you won’t get overwhelmed by the “G-X B.S.” that will abound in this area.

    CITO DEXTERITY TEST  will operate from 9:00 to 12:00.  An hourly prize to be awarded to the one who demonstrates the best dexterity in the test.  Pick up an “Ice Breaker Sheet” at this time also and a “winner” will be drawn from completed sheets returned.

TRAVEL BUG TABLE9:00 to 12:00.  Stop by and “discover” travel bugs, bring one and trade one, drop some off to begin their journeys, pick one up to take back home with you.  Travel bugs were meant to travel so stop by and help them on their way……….their owner’s will appreciate your help.  Just be sure to log them at Groundspeak so their travels will be recorded.

   A “Silent Auction” will be held for Geocaching Memorabilia.

    About 1200.  Tri Tip dinner served.  A limited number of bottled water will be sold for those who forgot to bring their own beverage.

O.C.B.  (Original Can of Beans)

Many thanks to Team 360 who will be bringing a piece of Geocaching History to Yuma. 

About This Item

The O.C.B. (Original Can of Beans) is Geocaching’s First Trade Item, placed in the "Original Stash" by Dave Ulmer (the Inventor of Geocaching and the hider of the first cache) back in May of 2000.   This is the only remaining item from the world’s first geocache.
While preparing the cement foundation of the Original Stash Tribute Plaque, TEAM 360 found the Holy Grail of Geocaching: The O.C.B.  Dave Ulmer, at the site for the Plaque ceremony, immediately confirmed that it was indeed the Original Can of Beans from that very first geocache.

Although it was damaged from being partially buried and exposed to the weather of the Portland area for several years, the can was very carefully straightened out and thoroughly cleaned, then treated with several coats of rust stopper/converter and u.v.-resistant polyurethane. During attendance at Events, it's in a clear display case for all geocachers to enjoy.



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