Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yuma Mega Event #10 - Hundreds of TB To Log

I am of mixed feelings about this.  I kinda like the whole 'discovery' ability on  It feels great to open up a cache and find that you can log your find and then there's the bonus of adding some 'discoveries' of TBs.  Or when going to an event with a 'discovery' table, where you can view, touch and log, other's TB's.  But what was at the Yuma Mega Event #10 was a bit different.
I did my deed and paid my dues with the TB table.  I stood there with many others and jotted down numbers from many amazing TBs that were there to be discovered or adopted to move on to exciting new locations.  For myself, holding and appreciating the effort put into some of these little pieces of art by the makers is really fun.
But what about getting your finds, or should I say discoveries, just by reading the numbers off a list.  Literally, you can add hundreds of 'discovered' number just by looking at a list.  I sort of don't feel like this is 'playing fair' when it comes to caching.

I don't judge others who found this a good way to up their numbers.  I bet a lot of people do this.  For me, it isn't about the numbers that I can add, by challenging myself to actually get out there and enjoy the hunt.
What do you think?
 I believe this guy was a bit doubtful about this process also. 

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