Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cemeteries in Georgia - Gonna Be Some Ghoulish Caches Here!

When I put out the word to a Georgia Geocaching group that I was looking for scary caches, I got some great response.  Especially from Meredith, who sent me the news letters with a whole list.  Talk about making my job easy!  And they are amazing caches too.

GC121CF - Haunted Cemetery? - created by Desert Duck -  has a great legend - check it out -

The legend:

When Union Church burned in 1854, a teacher and several of her students, who were using the church as a school, perished in the flames. She and the children were buried along side one another, but time and weather has wiped away all traces of their graves. Stories are told though that loud, unintelligble voices of children can be heard and apparitions known locally as "walkers" can be seen among the many tombstones.

The posted coordinates will get you close.
You seek the sad grave marker of an "Unknown Man" found in the Alapaha River. Use the year of his death to complete the final coordinates.
31° 01.3A6 N 083° 02.93B W Multiply the 1st and 2nd number to get "A"
Add the 3rd and 4th number to get "B"
The container is now an ammo can.

The Legend of the Rocking Chair - GCZQNX - is more strange than scary, until you see the photos.  All things, especially at night, would be creepy here. 

Geocache description:

Apparently the individual entombed at this location is sitting in a rocking chair. A local retired school teacher told the tale, but was not confident of it's validity. Either way, the location of the cemetary was just as she indicated, and the monument just as she described. A few years ago some people tried to break in and confirm the legend, but failed. 

This is an abandoned cemetary, and there are many sites from the 1800's. This particular tomb, like many others is falling apart. Be sure to apply the look but don't touch rule. 

 The cache is located just outside the remains of a fence. Be careful as the area has some thorns, the broken down fence, and grown over grave sites.

As you can see, this is no small tomb. 
Thanks to cloakdom for a great hide. 

Does a description aid in your decision to do a cache?   Or could it be the name alone?  What does Ghost In The Graveyard do for you?  Kinda tells ya what you will be finding.  Right?  GC2E78T is located a little bit south east of Gainsville, in an old cemetery that has had a bit of bad luck.

Geocache description:

Former site of the Bethlehem Methodist Church, established in 1854. Burnt down in 1970. All that remains of the church building today are a set of half circle steps that used to lead up into the sanctuary. There is a cemetery located on the property, but the cache is not inside the graveyard. Inside the cache is a FTF coin, $5, lots of goodies for kids and a travel bug dog tag.

I'll be checking out more of PirateCrew4 caches to see what other haunting places they may be. Humm - I really like the caching name.  Has me wondering if I will find that some are on the beach.  Hopin'!

I find this super neat.  Wayne County Board of Tourism takes claim to establishing this cache.  I haven't seen this much, other than the Manatee County Florida, Take Flight Geo Tour, which is amazing.  Anyway  -  not much info on this cache but for a brief description.  Spooky?  Just might be.

Here's the info on GC1KD77 - Watch Out for the Ghost Light 

Geocache description:

 It can be rocky along the edge at the end of the trail. 

For over 100 years, travelers along this stretch of road have reported seeing a ghostly yellow light swinging alongside the railroad tracks. 

 This cache has not had a lot of visits, about 52 finds and 7 unhappy faces;  maybe the name has scared some cachers away.  While reading the remarks, the one thing that is obvious is that it is a great cache.  It was described as fun, difficult, super neat container, and this is what one cacher had to say -

Kids loved this one... Found with Foxtail1999. We got to watch a "ghost train" go by and found some smashed pennies on the tracks. Left 2 "ghost" pennies in cache. SL TFTC

Ghost train?  Hummm - wonder just exactly what that is.  Now, I really want to hit up this one. Wish I could find more pics to share.

I may have saved the best for last this time.  Not intentionally but it did just happen that way.  This cache is called Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Please don't confuse this with Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York, which is the original and the scariest one. (I'll do a post that is totally about this location very soon)  This cache - GCKFRB - is located in Georgia, just north of Lilburn, in a very interesting area.  Check out the description -

Who would have ever thought you would find something like this in the middle of an Industrial Park?

 Several years ago when I was working in this Industrial Park, someone told me about the nearby "Sleepy Hollow". At first I thought they were kidding but they insisted on taking me to a nearby spot to prove to me it existed. Once we arrived I still couldn't believe what I was seeing....and in the middle of this expansive Industrial Park. The person then proceeded to inform me that all the land around this spot had been developed but this was untouched. If you venture to find this cache, you will discover the same interesting spot. To search for this cache after dark may make this cache EVEN MORE INTERESTING ....and creepy. 

Please let me know if any of you fellow cachers knew about this spot before you found the cache. There are different approaches to this cache and some will rank as a 4+ while other approaches will be 1.5 terrain difficulty. Best time to search for this cache will be after hours or on the weekend. Plenty of parking is available in a nearby parking lot since the building is presently vacant.

After reading the cacher statements, this description that Bearbag Bubba shares, does not do justice.   This seems to be a super neat and super creepy cache.  This is a fun find and if you are into TBs, this is the one for you.  Lots of them pass thru Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

More spooky caches will be coming up soon.  New York, to New Mexico, to Canada to Washington - the list is endless and I can't wait to share more with you.

Check back soon.

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