Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love the SWAG

     Love shopping for the swag! And for the tools of the sport.  I was cruising around looking for 'what's new' and found some super deals.  If you are anything like me, you would rather spend your money on gas and caching trips; find good deals on the accessories.

     The best deals that I found are at Harbor Freight.  You have your choice of shopping your local Harbor Freight or do the kick back at home in your pj's kind of shopping at Harbor Freight on line.  The same deals are available both places and sales items are always a killer deal.
Here's a few of the deals that I found but don't stop with these.  Let your imagination go wild and you will find a ton more.
      There is one more really neat bargain that I found on line.  This one comes from a company called Cache-Advance.  If you price these items out separately they will cost you a whole lot more.  Just look at what comes in this pack !

TRICKY  CACHE  PACK        $ 27.00

   -Fake bolt cache
   -Fake utility plate cache
   -Fake sprinkler cache
   -Fake rock cache
   -Nano cache

The Tricky Cache Pack comes in its own clear bag, perfect for giving as a gift or adding to your own cache bag. Have yourself a high difficulty set of caches!    

     These are just a few of the items that I found.  Please share anything that you may find also.  Always looking for a good deal to pass along to everyone. 


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