Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo !

     Jerry Yang and Yahoo has nothing to do with Google blogs, Swag Hunters, Exposure Products, swag of any sort or the sport of Geocaching but it could effect so many of us in business.  At the very least this is interesting.
   Letter written by Jerry Yang to Yahoo board member, Roy Bostock -
      "My time at Yahoo, from its founding to the present, has encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. However, the time has come for me to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo. As I leave the company I co-founded nearly 17 years ago, I am enthusiastic about the appointment of Scott Thompson as Chief Executive Officer and his ability, along with the entire Yahoo leadership team, to guide Yahoo into an exciting and successful future."

     I think of a few things when I read this.  First - wow - what a simple and gracious sounding letter.  Second - what is really happening.  We know that as of two weeks ago Yahoo has a new Chief Executive and board member in Scott Thompson.  Does this directly reflect on Yang's decision?  And - what will this do to the Asian market for Yahoo?  
Just thoughts and like most of my thoughts - here at this moment - gone faster than they came on.  

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