Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And the hunt begins -

     101 New caches for the event !  I want to say hooray but I am bummed, we can't find where these caches are.  We have looked on recent caches, checked out the map, asked a few friends and then emailed the S.W.A.G. people.  I anxiously awaited the respond but unfortunately we didn't hear back until too late to do any caches on Saturday.  But we did get a response and will check them out S.W.A.G.'s 101 Bucks Tubular Power Trail when we come back in the future.  I am hoping to get come correspondence from others who did the trail.  Anybody want to share their info?

     We did a few caches during the day and I found a super neat travel bug.  It's a thumb drive that originated in Russia and has a Russian children's story along with music.  At first I was afraid to actually put it into my computer but my curiosity has the best of me and I am glad that I did.  We also did a little farmer's market shopping and spent a little down time at the room so SchnauzerQueen could attempt to start feeling a little better and hit the downtown just in time for the Bubble Flash Mob in front of Lutes.

     Then registration for the Warm Up event at Lutes, and the waiting line.  The line itself was fun - that is where the meeting of new friends began.  

     Then it was Lute's Casino time and what a blast.  With one side packed with Mardi Gras celebrators and the other side with crazy cachers, there was no shortage of fun things to see and great conversations and stories to get involved in.   WeenieQueen and I spent a lot of time just taking in all the unique wall and ceiling decor including the alligator on the women's bathroom door, on the inside.  So if any of you guys hear about it and didn't get to see it, well we are taking care of that for you right here.
     One of my favorite people of Saturday was  Wayne 43.  He knows how to get out there and meet people with his t-shirt signing routine.


  I spent some time talking to JohnnyCacheAz who has over 24,000 and over 900 trackable caches to his claim.  Black Cat was also at the table with WeenieQueen, SchnauzerQueen and myself - she is hitting 1800 found caches this week. Talk about interesting for me.  I was excited when I hit 200 caches - now I am totally inspired. 

      I have to give big kudos to all the staff of Lute's for the great service and their ability to keep smiles on the faces even with all the rush.  I am sure some parties into the night but this trio headed back to the room to ready for the next morning.  More stories to come on SwagHunter.

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