Monday, February 20, 2012

On the road again -

     We may not be the 3:10 to Yuma but we are an unpredictable trio of SchnauzerQueen, WeenieQueen and BeachBounde34, heading to Yuma for the S.W.A.G. Yuma Event #9.  I can tell you that we are all excited about this trip even tho the SchnauzerQueen is sick as a dog.  Pardon the puny part of that.  We stumbled out of my home base mid-morning, just after a few light snow flakes had fallen, in SQ's little Kia Sportage, a TB, packed to the gills and stopped shortly into the trip, on the outskirts of Oro Valley, Az to grab what I thought was going to be a real quickie.  Not so much so. We crawled under fences that we probably shouldn't have and climbed over gates, again a questionable action, to grab a nice little cache called Victoria's 1st Cache.  Then it was freeway time.

    We let SQ do a little snoozing and resting along the way but kept not too much as we had decided to cache along the way.  No DNF on the way - in fact none on the entire trip.  I am more than a little thankful that the sun was out by noon and we had a fairly warm trip.

     A couple of 'worth mentioning' caches along  the way.  First was a recently set cache called CG Mountain Trails Commemorative.  This park is right along the freeway but not quick to access.  This time of the year is great as far as weather and wild life goes so perfect place to take the day and enjoy this cache.  Check out the site for Casa Grande Mountain Trails if you are going to be in the area.  Beautiful if you are into desert hiking and picnicking.

     Another fun cache, again not a quick one off the freeway but worth the stop, was Jackrabbit For Megan, located in the West Pinal County Park.  This is a super RV/camp/picnic area with lots of space and covered tables.  The most fun thing we saw was an old hippy bus that had been turned into a double decker, complete with art.  This had me wondering - where is the Partridge Family now?  hummm.
 Well, I just throw in a little pic of the three of us at this cache.  That is WeenieQueen in the middle, showing off her belly button.  Teenagers - what can you do? 

     At another cache we ran into a fellow cacher, Tucson Thompsen.   He pulled up a bit behind us and still beat us to the cache; ya know how women are - we take for ever to get ready, even if only to take a small walk into the desert.  The encounter had me wondering, as the day went on, just how many of the vehicles that were honking at us walking along the frontage roads were from fellow cachers heading to Yuma.

     Our last cache was sort of uneventful with the exception of the strange vibe.  It was dark, had the feeling that we were being watched even tho there was nobody in sight, and SQ and WQ were acting a little possessed.  I thought it may be fatigue until this photo told us different.  Yep - the sisters have been taken over yet again by a stranger, even stranger then them.  Time to hit the road again.

We pulled into Yuma and the Day's Inn, got the keys  and headed around the corner to grab a little dinner from Penny's Diner.  Gotta say it was the best chicken strips I had ever had and they are open 24 hours.  Great place, as is the Day's Inn where we ran into a few other cachers staying there also.

     We made our game plan for Saturday - which is a whole other day and story.  Coming soon - the Warm Up Event.

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