Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank you FalconLoader

      I am so excited !  I received an email for the founder of MAGC,  FalconLoader (Duke) with links to this organization.  The official name is Military Association of Geocachers.  From the main page I was able to link to GSAK Tool, Navicache, Waymarking, Pod Cacher and other organizations.  Believe me, you can get lost for hours just from their Home Page. 
     To start with I want to show you how he describes MAGC.  (It will be best in his words)

     This is a newly forming Geocaching group of Military members, their families, Retirees, Honorably discharged Vets and those who desire to support the troops. 
Primary Reasons for this group:

  • Share the fun of GeoCachers with other likeminded individuals 

  • Aide those new to an area from PCS in learning their new home and giving them a chance to meet local cachers.

  • Helping those that are TDY �hit� some of the local caches

  • Give the single Soldier, Sailors, Airman and Marines off duty time with the �extended military family� 

  • Who may join:

  • Military Members (Active Duty; Guard; Reserve; Friendly Nations)

  • Family Members of Military (see above)

  • Retired Military, or Veterans with Honorable Discharge

  • People who wish to support our Troops by sharing time geocaching with them 

  •      I think this is one of the most exciting things that a Geocacher could do - support your troops weather they are abroad or right in your own town.
    Please check out this site and get involved - but only get involved if you are really ready to get out there and do it right! 

                     As MAGC says   "Cache safe....Cache  in camo"

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