Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tata Beverages - love the name !

     Never heard of Tata Beverages?  Neither did I until this morning while struck with a bit of insomnia and watching the early morning news from somewhere.  When I heard Tata Beverages I  up a bit.  I know this has nothing to do with Geocaching but I stray sometimes, even on a good day.

     I started checking this out and this is what I found.
     The equal venture Tata Starbucks Ltd. will open outlets in Mumbai and New Delhi this year beginning August and will have 50 stores within the first 12 months. The partners plan to capitalize on the rising coffee consumption in the world’s fastest growing major economy after China.  Amazing? Yes – to me – in so many ways.  I thought of India as tea consumers and of course cocoa producers.  The tea cocoa combination doesn’t excite me but I'm always into the coffee cocoa combo that Starbucks in offers, hot or cold. 
   The Indian stores will build on the world’s largest coffee- shop chain’s expansion outside the U.S., where stores are less profitable than those in the Asia-Pacific region. Starbucks will compete with Barista Coffee Co., from Italy, and Cafe Coffee Day/ Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. in India, where consumption of the drink almost doubled in the past ten years.  With all that caffeine buzz can you imagine what kind of amazing buildings we will be seeing in the future.  I, personally, can’t wait.

    The very basics of these separate companies –
     My personal opinion of Starbucks is that they are not about quality but consistence and predictability. Not that the coffees are bad in any way but I have never been one to jump up and down about the quality.  But people in the U.S. like predictability. The Seattle based Starbucks is known as the neighborhood  coffee house with free wifi, but they are much more than that.  Their business believes are all about the people, the neighborhoods and the environment. 
     Since they opened their first store in 1971 they have dedicated the business to having a positive impact on the communities they serve and  earning the trust and respect of customers and neighbors, and doing things that are good for the planet.   They recycle, conserve energy, practice climate control, build with the ‘green’ in mind, and reach out the community schools offering field trips, other educational programs and continue to expand their product line to satisfy the demand of their customers.  Now that is a great company and one that I will support. 

     Tata Beverages Company was started in 2000 and  is based in Ghana.  They list their objectives as  follows -
    To carry out the business of distilling, refining, manufacturing and producing spirits from locally produced molasses and similar crude alcohols and bottling and preparing them into finished products for sale.
    To carry out the business of manufacturing and selling of other spirits and alcohols for use in the Medical, Engineering, Agricultural, Industrial and other fields.
    Blending of imported alcohol into richly packaged alcoholic beverages for sale to the public.
    Production of fruit flavored carbonated drinks for sale to the public.
    To carry out the business of importing and exporting alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.
    Organize the marketing and distribution of the company products.
And their mission -
     To distill, refine, blend and manufacture all types of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for both local and international markets.
   They aim to ensure the highest quality standard to satisfy the different needs and taste of consumers.

     With this information you can only imagine where this is going.  What do you think? Time to buy stock in Starbucks?

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