Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yuma Poker Run - Photos

     S.W.A.G  Yuma Event #9 Poker Run time was great - and a different experience for me.  A hunt on foot - great.  The caches were fun and easy - perfect for everyone in attendance.  The pics tell the story better than I can, so pictures it will be.

 SchnauzerQueen - getting the inside scoop and instructions on the run. 

                              And the race is on to cache # 1

 Cache # 1 gathering

Number 1 getting
replaced for the next group.

Now to Number 2 - I felt like I was back in
school again.  Following the rest of the class.

A little exercise is great on such a beautiful day.  I am wondering tho - doesn't the guy leaving the cache have a suspicious grin on him face.  Maybe he knows something about this game that the rest of us do not.

Number 5 was my favorite.  I love that old
piece of equipment.
We took a lot of pictures there the day before.
Neat angles - sort of a 'Steam Punk'  look.

Please don't confuse these people with Hobos waiting for the next passing train.   They are cachers !  I know - some days there doesn't seem to be a big difference. 

'The  BOARD'
It's the winners board -
absolutely no losers that day. 

Coming next -  all about the TB dogs.  Love them.

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