Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food - Prizes - Clean Up - Saying Good Byes

      The sun is warming things up, the poker run is complete and we all know what it takes to have the WINNING hand.  Everyone is catching up with fellow cachers.  You can just imagine what it must sound like.  Instead of telling stories about that big fish that got away you hear about the really well hidden micro with a difficulty of 4 that had escaped many a cachers keen eyes – only to be captured by the new master.  I do like these stories better than the old fishy ones.  

     The sweet smells of tri tips had been filling the air for hours and now that the tables are being set up with all the sides, plates and utensils, the crowd seems to be gradually shifting in that direction of the park.  This is when the strangest thing, to me happens.  I have to tell you a little bit of back ground about this first.  Earlier in the day I had told SchnauzerQueen that it would seem better if all those people with their chairs would not line them up around the short block walls that form the tree wells.  Ya know – then people without a chair could have a place to sit.  Right?!  That is a lot of seating there being wasted by chairs.  Right!?  Now for the realization that hit me like a ton of bricks.  All those people turned their chairs around to face the block wall and voilà !  They have instant table.  Man – I am such a newby when it comes to Geocaching events.  

      Back to the crowd – they have managed to form a line just about the time the food was brought to the serving tables.  From the looks of things, I figured it would be a good 45 minutes before the end of the line got fed and since I was in no hurry I decided to take a walk and check out more of the scenery, pet a few dogs and meet more cachers and even some locals.  Much to everyone’s surprise the line moved right along and seconds were being offered within 30 minutes. 

     Prizes were great and aplenty, from custom containers to the Garmin GPS.  A ton of lucky winners walked away with smiles.  After a bit more mingling, the crowd began to thin.  The brief clean up didn’t take long and that is the way the day ended. 
 Now it is time to find the next event to attend.

     Before that we have to cover some of the TB dogs that attended.   That’s coming soon

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