Monday, May 28, 2012

GeoWoodstock X Photos

     I haven't acquired any stories from GeoWoodstock X just yet but I am sure that I will.  There are so many great photos posted that I want to share some of them. 

Flash Mob at
   Churchhill  Downs


 just look at this crowd !  

 What do  you think ?  

I believe they kinda like their hats. 

 Everyone loves a goody bag -

Even the bags must take so much time and effort.  I hope all the attendants appreciate the work of the GeoWoodstock staff.

AND - the Elite 8
 Greg Lampton, Robert Lipe, Jenn
Kunze, Joe Armstrong, Wcnut Chuck
Williams, Bob Armstrong and Greg Turtle Norberg

This dedicated bunch have
attended  EVERY

OK - I am sure I will post more photo before I get any stories.  Stay tuned for more fun from GeoWoodstock X.

 The 'Wish I Was There' story.


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