Saturday, May 26, 2012

More GeoWoodstock X

     Not too bright is the only way I can describe myself right now.  I had been googling GeoWoodstock X and Sellersburg, Indiana,  thinking that maybe I would be able to some kind of story about what is happening at the event - to no avail.  SchnauzerQueen came to my rescue and told me that they have a facebook page with event info and pics.  So there I went -  And now I will share some of what I have found.
  This sign looks so impressive.  Looks like the kind of hill you could roll down.  Well, if you are into rolling down hills.  I like to do that.  That's what I tell everyone so when I fall down it looks intentional. 

No. 1 From Groundspeak -
Jeremy Irish  at GeoWoodstock X

Greg Drennen, Aleisa Drennen, John Thielbar, Lynn Spellman Wilcoxson, Gisela Thielbar, Tanya Klauser and Bill Klauser - having way too much fun without me.

What do you think?  Open handed or fisted 'X'.  Both look a little like a martial arts move.

Celebrety in the house !

Signal the Frog made it to the GeoWoodstock X event.  Looking dapper as always.  I bet he loves this area with all the lakes, ponds and rivers. 

Who said that one picture can say 1000 words? 
That holds true with this sign.  I think that I should make a t-shirt that says this. 
Love it ! 

More pics and stories to follow.  I am hoping to make contact with the couple, Andrea and James, who got married at the event.  That has to be a good story !

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