Friday, June 29, 2012

SchnauzerQueen Strikes Again

     SchnauzerQueen is taking the next step in the caching world.  Before I fill you all in on her next adventure, I will give you just a little back ground on her short but productive caching life.

     Since her caching beginning in November 2010, SchnauzerQueen, aka Penni Parrish, has covered a lot of ground.  And this from a girl who has never been able to stick with a hobby more than a very short time.  Not true with this hobby/sport/ habit/ addiction/you get the picture, that her BFF introduced her to.  Thanks Tim, for keeping her motivated and heading in the right direction.

     A little photo history here -

Boldly facing great dangers along the way.

This caching Queen even spends holidays introducing strangers to the joys of Geocaching.

The SchnauzerQueen is always ready for the challenge - including hosting her very own event.  And here is the scoop -

Central located  Park Event.  Meet N Greet event.  Slap a leash on your TB pet, load up the family in your TB wagon, and haul your booties down to the park to enjoy a Tucson sunset with other cachers!
(see warning below)

Go to the coordinates to find more info and respond with the 'I wouldn't miss it for the world' remark. (aka - will attend).  
And stay tuned for details as they come along.

Just wondering - do you think meeting all those cute little pups and seeing all those TB vehicles at the Yuma Event #9 may have planted a seed?

WARNING -  there just a couple things to warn you about here.
     First - if you are not from the Tucson area, you may experience the sunset and decide to  tell you family at home that you are never coming home.  Just sayin'

     Second- bring your umbrella and rain poncho - it is monsoon season.  A little rain never stopped the die hard cacher but it never hurts to be prepared.


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