Thursday, June 28, 2012

Space Coast is Everywhere

Yep - you don't have to be in Florida to visit Space Coast Geocaching Store but if you happen to be in the vicinity of Merritt Island you can actually stop by and meet Barb and Dale.  I asked Dale a to tell me about the store and here is what he had to say -

     We created the Space Coast Geocachers Association back in 2007. We opened the Space Coast Geocaching Store in September of 2007. Our local caching community has been a very strong and active community ever since we started the group. Currently our group normally hosts at least one CITO event each month as well as other local gatherings. We do not have membership fees just a bunch of like minded folks that like to enjoy geocaching with each other.
     As far as our product the Space Coast Geocaching Store is the original walk in geocaching store and largest supplier of geocaching products. We carry over 300 different geocoins at any given time as well as gps units, cache containers and most anything you might need for geocaching. We sell online at or in person at 55 Goodwin Dr Suite 103, Merritt Is land, FL 32952. Our phone number is 321-453-SCGA (7242) or toll free at 855-454-SCGA (7242). We are active on Facebook as well. The Space Coast Geocaching Store is also home to Florida's most favorite traditional cache "A Cool Cache" (GC15RQB). It also ranks in the top 20 caches in the United States.

Here is a little of what I found when I Googled them - 
amazing product - and lovin' the swag -
And they are out there at events - like Geowoodstock X - pretty convienient.
                  And selling more than just swag.

Sporting those sharp pink shirts ! I wonder who's idea that was.  Great logo !

     You can find all sorts of good stuff by visiting the Space Coast on line store or find them on FaceBook.  And if you live out in the middle of 'noplace', you will love having this store at your finger tips.