Monday, July 23, 2012

Brilliant Caching Tools

     There  are certain traits required to be a good cacher.  The ability to think 'outside the box', turn on the 'eagle eye' when needed, always be conscious of Mother Nature, and develop tools of the trade from what others may throw away.

Check this out - do you recognize this.  If you ever did the Spam routine when you were young, you do.  This is the type of 'key' that was used to open the can.  It came attached to the top of the can.  Now, it is a pull tab.

      And then there is this item I saw on my Facebook wall yesterday.  I have yet to find out what it's actually called or it's official use but for the geocacher it's simply handy.  Size is important when loading up your caching bag so this is perfect.

Always keep your mind open to special caching uses of odd it items.

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