Saturday, July 21, 2012

TB Rods & Dogs Meet N Greet

     It's countdown time in the Tucson area.  SchnauzerQueen is organizing and sponsoring her very first event.  The Queens' TB Rods & Dogs Meet N Greet will be held at a dog friendly park in central Tucson.  I am not sure what sort of surprises she has in mind as far as challenges, games and prizes but I am sure it will be great fun. 

     This is a family friendly event and even if you don't have a Tb Dog or a TB stick on your vehicle, you are more than welcome to attend.  I believe she is only asking that if you a rain stick that you use it to bring in the clouds and cooler weather and please hold off on the actual rain until the bbq is done and the charcoal is cooling off. 

     Go to the Geocaching page for the event info or you can find Penni on her facebook page also.   Weather you live in the area, like a little road trip or just passing through, stop by.  And if there is anyone who has never Geocached in their life, this is a perfect time to come by and find out what it is all about.  I am sure there will be plenty of cachers with lots of stories and advise to share.  Best thing - you don't have to belong to a club, be a member or pay any kind of fees.  It is just a fun thing.


 Mark your calendar - 14 days and counting

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