Monday, July 16, 2012

Cacher Jim and Emma

     Cachers are a family.  We all know that.  So when we hear about a cacher going through a tough time, we want to be there for them.  Thank goodness for Facebook – we can stay in contact easily.  I saw this story last week and of course was drawn to it for a couple of reasons.  First – this is a cacher.  I don’t know Jim personally but his story is still important to me.  Second – this has to do with his dog.  Yeah – I am a sucker for a dog story, even one with a sad ending. 

      I can relate a bit.  About 23 years ago we lost our long time family member, Tippy.  It was sad but he left us just as he lived – gallantly.  Just a few months later our 3 year old dog, Bubba, became very ill.  Long story short, after many thousand spent, they decided that he was dying of a broken heart and there just wasn’t anything we could do.  We don’t want to put a dollar value on our pets but it is unavoidable when the bills mount up.  

                           Meet Emma

 Meet Emma’s human, Caching Jim.   Here is a bit of her story and how we can help her deserving human.

 Here's a few post from FB –

Geocaching Jim
July 12
Just found out that our dog, Emma, has cancer. They found a mass on her spleen and the cancer has spread to her lungs and her heart. She is so old that surgery would probably be too much for her and most likely would not take care of all of it. She also has some internal bleeding. She had to stay at the hospital today...we will be going to say goodbye to her tonight. :(

July 16
I still have these available. I am trying to raise some money to help cover Vet bills. Please PM me if you are interested.
My dog has been sick for a little over a month and we have been spending a lot of time and money trying to help her overcome her illness. Yesterday she collapsed, so we took her to the ER and found out that she had cancer and it had spread quite rapidly. She passed away last night.
To help cover the medical expenses, I am selling my Series 2 Home is where the cache is coins for $5.00 each and have them available in Black Nickel, Copper, and Antique Silver. These are 1.75" in diameter and have glow effects on the front and back. Trackable, unactivated, and custom icon.
If you are interested, please message me. I will accept paypal, checks, or money orders. Thank you so much!

July 13
I am selling my Isolated Beauty coins to try to help raise money to put toward some unexpected vet bills. I am asking $6.50 each and have them available in antique bronze and antique copper. These are 1.75" X 1.75", 3D front and Back and has glow effects on the front. Trackable, unactivated, and custom icon.
If you are interested, please message me. Thank you so much!

July 13
To help cover the costs of an unexpected vet emergency, I have put together a few more grab bags of Geocoins. There are 5 trackable coins (unactivated) in each pack. I will also throw a bonus item in each package. I am asking $50 (shipping is included in this price). If you live outside of North America, the cost for these packs will be $57. Please message me if you are interested. Thank you so much

So now you’ve got the info.  If you are in the market for a few new trackables, here is a chance to purchase one that will honor Emma and help out her human, Jim. 

     Find Jim on Facebook, through his webstore -, or if you would like, just leave a message here and I will forward your info on to Jim. 
      As always – I will keep you informed with any updates.

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