Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Safe View of Fang-tastic Roadside Attraction

     Does the name give justice to this cache?  I don't think it does.  Fang-tastic sort of sounds like a cute little play on the word 'fantastic'.  Tho this is an exciting and fun cache, there is an intentional scare tactic here.  This little sign tells a better story.

The Fang-tastic Roadside Attraction is even more deceiving with the word 'roadside'.  Who are they kidding!?  It is located on something more like a path, pretty much due East of Tombstone Arizona.   Since I have not been to this cache yet, I only have the word of SchnauzerQueen, who made it there this past winter.  From the pics that I found on line, and the ones SQ shared, I would say what she had to say about this location is right on.

Let me share with you the description that is on the Geocaching site.

An outdoor museum of oddities and artifacts by the side of dirt road leading to a ghost town.

A hand painted sign along Gleeson Road points down a dirt track: "Two scenic miles to Rattlesnake Crafts and Rocks." It'd be a tourist trap, if there were any tourists here. It'd be a roadside attraction, but Gleeson's not much of a road. What it is, though, is a fun and worthwhile trip to an amazing combination open-air museum and gift shop filled with items crafted from rattlesnake hides.
The creators and curators of Rattlesnake Crafts, John and Sandy Weber, granted us permission to place a cache within their display of Western antiques and oddities. The ammo box looks right at home amongst the milkcans, kerosene lanterns, rusted license plates and eccentric metal sculptures. We chained it to a post in the shade under a wooden shelf, but didn't otherwise hide it. Spend the time you save looking for the cache exploring this fun place.
When you visit, remember your camera; you'll regret it if you don't! Rattlesnake Crafts is open daily dawn to dusk. There's no charge for admission, though there are items for sale in the gift shop.

     Southern Arizona is not the most cache populated area in the U.S. but it has, by far, some of the most intriguing and creative caches I have ever seen or heard of.   Fang-tastic Roadside Attraction looks like a perfect place to visit, during the winter, when most good snakes are sleeping.  Make a weekend of it by staying in Tombstone at one of the quaint B&Bs or extend the creepiness of your trip by staying in the world re known and haunted Copper Queen Hotel.  

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