Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 Days and Counting

     Cache Queens' First Annual Rods & Dogs Meet N Greet, in Tucson, Arizona, is  just two days away  -  who's gonna be here?  When she first started talking about this event she was saying that she thought there would be a dozen or two people attending.  Well guess what !  I think she has numbers approaching 40 or more.  It's gonna be a great 'first' event.

      Here is how the SchnauzerQueen describes her event -

Central located  Park Event.  Meet N Greet event.  Slap a leash on your TB pet, load up the family in your TB wagon, and haul your booties down to the park to enjoy a Tucson sunset with other cachers.

Ah yes, SchnauzerQueen's first event!  Yahooooooo!!!  From the sounds of it, we have a lot of AZ Cachers with TB Pets(spouses count!) and TB Vehicles.  Why don't we all have a casual meet up at the Park and log some love for these TB's!

Coordinates will bring you to a covered ramada with parking close by and a dog park right across the parking lot!


This event will be a TB Car Show and TB Pet Discovery.  There will be a Discovery Table for everyone kind enough to share their Travel Bugs and Geocoins for others to enjoy!

I am looking for feedback on contest ideas:

Dirtiest Travel Bug...Oldest Travel Bug...
TB with the Most Discoveries...Longest Distance Traveled...Ugliest Travel Bug...Prettiest Travel Bug???

Potluck Style:  Hot dogs and some cold drinks will be provided.  Other goodies welcome too! EDIT 6/30/12 If you plan to bring something please edit or add to your log so we dont have a bunch of mustard (thanks for the tip Black Cat)

     So - there you have it.  The only thing I would add is that you may want to bring an umbrella; if not for the shade, the possible rain.  Check back on her site to see if there are any last minutes changes; and of course, to let her know that you wouldn't miss it for the world ! 

     Just a little note here - I am wondering if it would have been more appropriate to BBQ chicken at a 'dog' event.  Sorry puppies. 



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