Monday, August 6, 2012

Cachers Freezing In Yuma, Arizona

     Weather for Yuma, Arizona, August 5, 2012 - High 109 degrees; Low 82 degrees.  So just how do we have cachers freezing?   Thanks to S*W*A*G*'s Robert McNeece, there was some relief from the heat.

    The McNeece family invited the Sub-Zero Bear into their home.

Sub Zero Bear hung out over on 4th Ave, made friends and did photos with a smile.
And then the details of the Bear's visit came out.  Not a random visit at all.  This is the beginning of the Sub Zero In Yuma Flash Mob!
Here's how it is to go -
It's cold here, so cold were going to have a contest who can take minus 15 degrees the longest.
 Winner gets a nice GeoCoin donated by Jeep'en Jumpers.
Others might just want to have their picture taken with a Polar Bear and move on to warmer weather.
If you wish to be part of the contest it's summer attire only!
The temps were lowered in the man cave and the ice began to form.
 Believe it or not, contestants entered the cave.  This is the inside looking out.  
Some were smart enough to stick to the outside looking in.  Kids today are pretty darn smart. 
Top two contestants - Cacheator & Bronco Busters, lasting 32 minutes and 54 seconds!  These guys must have formed an alliance and stuck together.  

Linda Fulmer also lasted over 30 minutes.  And ya gotta figure she knew that someone had to give in - - 
     Robert McNeece said that there were no whiners and that he may just make this a yearly event.  The way he does things, I think he will need to find a much larger freezer by next year. 

     Congrats to all the participants who braved the cold.  I bet you all are back next year and ready to last even longer.   Can you see how the prep for the event would happen.  All over town, there will be people hanging out at the freezer department at the local grocery stores.  And all thanks to S*W*A*G* and Jeepen'Jumpers.


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