Monday, August 6, 2012

It Was A Family Affair

     I will give SchnauzerQueen for pulling off a great event. Queens' TB Rods and Dogs Meet and Greet was such a great success. But more than anything, I love that it was such a family affair.
     Georgia, no aka but Penni's Mom, Penni Parrish aka SchnauzerQueen and little sis, Bailie aka WeenieQueen.

Ray Parrish of Team Tucson Bass Player aka Penni's dad and Bailie again, munchin' on some juicy watermelon.

Sara, aka Sunshine Sara, and our family bud for the past 45 years, with Bailie.   Love the foo foo drinks and the fact that Bailie pops up most family pics.
Sara, Ray Parrish, and myself, aka BeachBounde34.  Thanks Bailie, for getting me stuffing my face.  Then again, may have been difficult to get me not eating.  There was a ton of great food. 

And our Hostess, Penni, SchnauzerQueen

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