Saturday, August 18, 2012

China Again - Is China Dangerous For Cachers?

     A couple of my kids travel to China for business.  My son recently started caching with his family.  When I saw a post about the dangers of geocaching in China, it caught my eye.

     Just so you can see a bit about what may be a huge problem, I have copies just the front page of forum.  You can see where my worries come from. › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Mar 27, 2010 – Use of services is subject to the terms and ... The ocean tide (from the East China Sea) rushing into the river from the bay ... It is so dangerous that, until recently, no one attempting to surf it (until recently. › Geocaching Challenges
Chinese Diggings is an historic landmark. The trenches ... It's difficult to walk and there are some dangerous cliffs, so adult supervision is required. Go to the ... › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Jul 11, 2012 – Sign In with Geocaching ... 2008 - Beijing, China ... available in winter available 24-7 may require swimming watch for livestock dangerous area ... › Hide and Seek A Geocache
May 16, 2012 – It served a china clay storage shed on the south side of the Cornwall ... available 24-7 thorns! scenic view takes less than 1 hour dangerous ... › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Feb 11, 2001 – The cache is named after a toy I bought in Weihai, China during a business trip. ... of this cache has been described by one party as dangerous. › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Nov 14, 2010 – Sign In with Geocaching ... Wo geht der Kaiser von China zu Fuß hin ? ... parking available difficult climbing dangerous area stealth required ... › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Apr 21, 2007 – China Walls is the name of the big wave surf site off shore where the ... the surf here is spectacular but at the same time extremely dangerous. › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Nov 16, 2009 – Sign In with Geocaching ... CSH Cache "China Dragons" ... at night available 24-7 stealth required dangerous area off-road vehicles allowed ... › Hide and Seek A Geocache
Jul 16, 2012 – Here, ther are 4 Chinese words suggesting geocachers a method to make ... Please mind your safety and don't get close to dangerous cliff.

     My first thought is - who approves the caches in China.  Do they take safty into consideration?  Is caching that much different there?  I am hoping to find more info and perhaps get some response from geocachers who have traveled and cached in China.   You can be sure that I will do an update as I learn more.



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