Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pups and Trucks Event - Not !

     Last night was the  Cache Queens' TB Rods & Dogs Meet N Greet in Tucson, Arizona.  And what an event it was.  By starting time, it was difficult to believe that this was a first for Penni Parrish.  She has never organized an event like this, and yet the crowd was there. 

     I remember a day when she first started this process, she said that she was hoping to get 20 - 25 cachers there.  "I'd be so happy if I could do that".  How about that x 3?  That is pretty much the count.  She hasn't done an exact total as of yet.  She and a brave party of cachers set off early this morning to do the Kasper Tunnel.  That will be a whole new story.


     This is the way the event looked like at kick off time.  

       Everyone was having a great time.  There were a few caches close by for the grabbing.  And the food ! What a nice spread.  A bit of something for everyone.  I don't know who brought the stuffed strawberries but they are worthy of a Food Network mention. Next event, I think I will do an all food post.  Yummm!  

Still need names for these people.


     Here's a couple of pics with people I can put names with.  

     We have Dale, aka D-Force Cacher, logging in some 'discoveries'.   Thanks Dale, for wearing your shirt so I could put a name to your face.


     This is Linda Wallace, aka Raven Art Studio.  This woman has such an electric aura.  You just feel it in the air.  I have been an admirer of her coins since I first began caching and was lucky enough to find one.  Great fun to meet Linda.  


 And that is about it for now.  I will work on more. 
This is how the event ended.  The wind picked up a little bit and there was the smell of rain in the air.  To me, the promise of a cool down sounded perfect.  Time to chill out and share some stories.  I was all ears and ready for that one.  But I guess there are more people who pay attention to the sign or are some how related to the Wicked Witch of the West because the crowd just sort of disappeared and let just a few to do the story telling. 

     This post will be short and sweet as I have yet to learn the names of the attendees.  I will post a few pics in hope that someone out there will leave me an email or comment and fill in the names.  I guess, if there are a lot of cachers in the pic, maybe you can include the clothing color and name?  What ever works for you.  And I would love to know the dogs names also; and if they might just be tb dogs.  

     Look for more post in the next couple of days as the names become available.

     Thanks Penni, for putting on this great event.  Next time, just maybe your little SchnauzerPrincess' can come along. 


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