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Been Evil Fishing 2012

     I don't believe work should interfere with blogging but it has.  Sorry about that.  So this report of 'Been Evil Fishing 2012' is a bit late.  And 'Been Evil Fishing 2013' has already been announced. So here is the scoop.

     What posted -

Been EvilFishing?
An Event Cache is a gathering of local geocachers or geocaching organizations. Use a smartphone or GPS device to navigate to the provided coordinates on 8/24/2012 to attend the event.

  • GC3VEN6 the night cache
The new and improved basic get out of the house for a day a night and day and/or another night camping/fishing trip with new caches to find.

August 24th - 26th 2011


Willow Springs Lake area of the poker caches and fishing is nestled 7,600 feet above sea level in the cool pines of the magnificent Mogollon Rim, Apache-Sitgraves National Forest. Only two and one half hours northeast of Phoenix.

CAMPSITE coordinates along with a note will attached to the message board at the posted coordinates. These coordinates will be for the CAMPSITE. At the campsite the coordinates or the event log will be posted.

The Event Log will be available once the campsite has been established on Friday. The event log will be accessible all weekend til Sunday Morning, once camp is broken.

There are plenty of free near coordinates or along FR 237 and low cost camping spots at Sink Hole, Canyon Point campground has showers or even stay at the lodge in Forest Lakes.

Friday-Sunday There will be fishing around the lake, depending on how things go, you can catch fish or find the other caches around the area.

New this Year The planned activity for Friday night there is a special night cache. Meet at the campsite at 8pm.
Thanks to David of Morenutz, for taking charge....

Saturday morning 8am a breakfast buffet at Bugles. N 34° 19.828 W 110° 48.015 This is where I will be handing out the coords for the poker run caches, and maybe a few other soon to be published caches..

How EvilFishing works: Saturday Morning if you do not make it Friday night, you will be shown a map to some "fishing" holes. Ok a poker run each ammo can will have a baggie of envelopes take 1 envelope from each of the 5 locales. This will take some time and distance to complete.

Awards and such will be Saturday at the campsite just before sunset. The GPS says it should happen at 6:55pm. Bring the envelopes unopened to Saturday evenings campfire where they will be opened and best hands determined.

There will be a raffle and prizes awarded..

If you would like to donate to the prize pool please do, as that would mean more winners.

Just like these Fine people:

Space Coast Geocaching Store (
visit link)
Elk Butt Ranch
Kitty T

Real Fishing AZGFD One Day Fishing, Class D (includes trout privilege) $ 16.25 which can be purchased most anywhere or at the General Country Store in Forest Lakes

This was created for EvilFishing Event.  Located just off Highway 260 on Forest Rd 512 going South .3 of a mile.

Should take 15 to Twenty minutes to complete!  The tools needed for this are A flashlight for the first stage down a closed road.  The second stage you will need a black light, but good geosense's makes the blacklight  not required!  It will however make it more fun to find as there are things in the night that will make this a fun to find with one,  plus as a group will even be better!  The reward is a large Ammo can with swag and trade items.  Second stage you are looking for three embers at the GZ then the cache is close!  Have fun and enjoy                                                  
There is another like this only harder and just as fun between Gilbert and Mesa Az.  Just off the 60 freeway at Lindsay rd.  It is:  GC3HG7A 

How was the weekend?
 According to Team Evil Fish the event had a few less attendees but was a great weekend non the less.  Mother Nature was kind and did not rain out the event.  Shamik Kt Tris Morenutz and Space Coast Geocaching Store put the prizes over the top.  'Just Hike' won the ammo can and Sierra won the poker run with a pair of kings.  

Here's a few pics of the event -

Fido Downs avoiding the smoke with a stylish stash mask.  Love it!

Such a beautiful view.  Perfect place to get away from the stress of the big cities.

 They called this the 'happy tree'.   hummmmm 

Team Evil Fish watch dogs, chillin' out. 

     Here's the scoop for the 2013 event.  Of course there is no designated number as of yet; that will happen when it is closer to the event.  (can't get that until last 6 months prior to date)

August 23, 2013 at 5:45pm until August 25, 2013 at 9:30am

5th Annual Overnight camping, along with the Poker Run a night cache and breakfast buffet and marshmallow roasting.

So mark your calendar for a great summer get away from the heat. 
Thanks Team Evil Fish for sharing the info. 

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