Thursday, September 20, 2012

Florida Finders Fest 2012 Coming Up

     The Florida Finders Fest is a really big deal in Florida.  Last year they reached mega event status and is sure to be an even bigger event October 2012.  Here is what they have posted on -

Mega-Event CacheEighth Annual Florida Finders Fest

Florida Finder's Fest returns to the
Fish and Wildlife Commisions's
Ocala Conservation Center and Youth Camp
on Eaton Lake in the ONF!

Join us for a weekend of Food, Finds, Fellowship
AND Fun in the Ocala National Forest!
Saturday, October 27th, 2012, 8:00 AM
On Saturday, at 8:00AM, we will have several semi-competitive, somewhat organized, get lost in the woods, geo-fun kinda caching activities. There will be additional activities in the forest from Thursday through Sunday. (See Activities below for details and links regarding several of the planed activities. More to follow.)

After the caching activities on Saturday, we will be serving cooked animal, an assortment of side items, and ice cold drinks. No need to bring anything for dinner on Saturday, but attendees should plan on bringing their own food and drinks for the rest of the day and/or weekend, though there will be additional events with food.

The posted coords are for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Ocala Conservation Center and Youth Camp in the Ocala National Forest. Watch for additional information at

Visiting the site is a must to check out the camping site available.  They sound amazing.  Even for those who are not avid campers, there will be an option for you.  Space Coast Geocaching Store will be there and have agreed to fill us in on the events when they return.  Hopefully, we get some other reports from attendees.  Here's some fun stuff from the past.  

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