Monday, October 22, 2012

More Haunting Stories

I guess I should say More Haunting Caches.  I posted a message on Facebook  to Geocaching - - Arizona,  about wanting to hear about some graveyard caches.  I got a few responses and one person alone has enough to cover a couple of post.  One of which will happen now.

Let me tell you just a bit about Joe McCarthy.  Hummmm - guess I really don't know much to share.  I do know that he was a Navy Seal, back in the day.  He must have spent a lot of time in Colorado; that is where most of his caches are.  Joe and his family live in the Phoenix area now.  And - he does remarkable caches under the name of Tahosa and Sons.  

To the spooky part.  Let me fill you in on a couple of Tahosa's caches. 

First is Lest We Forget - GCABC8, located in Colorado.
Difficulty:  2    Terrain:  1

Our Love to these Pioneers and any others.
Who may have died alone. Forgotten
Unloved and Unmourned
Lord. Give them your lasting peace.

I really like the simple warning
Enjoy the Cache, And please limit your visits to DAYLIGHT HOURS
I wonder if this is for safty or the respect the ghost.  
 Here is what the most recent finder had to say -

Premium Member
8027  ·  6
Found it
I decided to do a little caching since I have been away from it for a bit. I have been stalking this virtual online ever since I moved to Fort Collins. Today was the day to check it out! I had a wonderful time wandering through the old cemetary. As I got to the backside of the cemetary, the lady who boards the horses in the barn nearby let the horses out. They went galloping down the path and into the lush pasture next to the cemetary. We talked for a bit about her sick pig and then I went on my way. Maia, the Vizsla, had a great time exploring the cemetary as well. This was #8000 for me! Nice milestone cache!!

Here's another Colorado cache done by Tahosa and Sons.
This one really sounds like it lives up to its ratings. And it revolves around an actual grave.  

COSpirit Quest #306 - Kitty Lyon of Cipango, GC2DF8A
Difficulty: 4     Terrain:  5       
! The Exciting Cache Series!
If you are APPREHENSIVE about cemeteries – AVOID this series.
The Colorado Spirit Quest is a series of Caches placed by many individuals, near cemeteries and historic sites in hopes of paying respect to the many pioneer ancestors that have ‘walked’ before us.

Again I have a visitor to the cache and the spirit of Kitty Lyon

 zoltig      Premium Member 
 Found it        09/22/2011

TLX and I spent the day in the Old Flowers area to do a bit of local research for his new multi-cache. Found stage one (nicely done) and off we went knowing that the final was close to a destination point.
Huffed up the hill after paying our respects to Kitty. I do not know if anybody else had noticed the branch that was crossed between the two trees near-by close to the headstone.

Found the cache and signed the log. Nice to find quality caches...and this one is right up at the top. Putting it on my watch list and hitting the favorite button.
Thanks for the adventure and thanks to Chris for dragging my rear-end out of the house. That was a much needed break. AND~The awesome lunch! Fresh cooked burgers in the mountains washed down by beer. How manly is that, eh?

When the location map looks like this topo map - you know the cache is going to be a real challenge. 

There you have the info on a couple of graveyard type caches.  Lest We Forget seems to be a safe one, even for the weak at heart, during the day.  Night time may be a little different.   But the site of Kitty Lyon is a different story.  Something about that one gave me goosebumps.  Maybe it is the photo above .  

So if you are in Colorado and looking for a good cache, check out what Tahosa has left behind for you.  
I did think of another interesting fact about Joe McCarthy.  He is very proud of his heritage.  And perhaps the boldness of the past, being a Navy Seal, comes through when he attends events. 
This is Tahosa and Sons
Joe in the kilt, and proud of it!



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