Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh My! How You've Grown !

I bet that is what Little Red Riding Hood is saying right about now.

Check this out -

Yuma Event #9 in 2012 - 460 attended
Yuma Mega Event #10 in 2012 - over 900 to date.

How is this happening?  I wonder.  I would be willing to bet that there will be Geocaching event organizers from all over the United States, calling S*W*A*G* / Robert McNeese for tips on how to have a really successful event.

Here's my question - really - how did this happen?
I am wondering if I can get a show of hands.

How many newbies ( as in never attended the Yuma events ) are coming to the event because it became a Mega Event?

How many attendees are bringing family and friends who have never been to this event in the past?  After all, it is very much a family friendly event.

Here is a big question - how many are attending because SchnauzerQueen will be hosting the chicken dance?  (I know of a few that can't wait for that one)

And last but not least - who is going to show up in an attempt to win the farthest traveled prize?

Answer/comment if you like.  I am totally serious when I say that I would like to know.

A little bit of info here -
This is the first ever Mega Geocaching event in Arizona.  Nevada has never had a Mega event, but does have one planned later this year.  And, as large as California is, it has only had two Mega events.

Any surprise that Robert McNeese is walking around with that 'proud as can be' smile on his face?


  1. BTW it's McNeece! We were well over 1100 plates served for the BBQ and we had plenty of food for more. Read the logs, it went off as smooth as glass! Very proud of our S*W*A*G members for an awesome job well done. We served everyone a nice Tri Tip BBQ in under 18 minutes for FREE! Dave Ulmer was there for his first ever Event. I hope he posts it.

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