Monday, February 18, 2013

Yuma Mega Event #10 - Fun and Games

On a weekend filled with violence on the news, how great was it to be in the mist of over 1,000 happy and friendly people.  The Yuma Mega Event #10 was all about great feelings and smiling faces.  S*W*A*G* really pulled off an amazing event.

Games were great this year.  A couple of new ones for those of us who have attended in the past, and of course the good old faithful Poker Run.  Then there was the food and auction and drawings and the CITO - and did i mention amazing food.  If you were not there, you may not be able to wrap your head around the fact that all of this could fit into less then 6 hours.

These two young teens are brand new cachers.  This was not only their first event but their first week of caching.  Can you imagine what a thrill it is, or will be when they are old enough to really get a grasp on the fact, that their first event was a MEGA event.  Arizona's very first.

The Poker Run was pretty typical.  The spots were spread out so that they were not too difficult to get to and yet we did get in a bit of exercise to retrieve them.  Since this part of the event started at 8:30, it was a perfect way to warm up while waiting for the sun to do it's job.

A few stairs, a small hill, and a hike around the park - all fun.

 From what I hear, the $100 prize went to the proud owners
of 4 nines. 

There were new games this year that helped pass the morning and were pretty neat too.

 The CITO Makes Cents Challenge looked like a simple bit of fun.  But only until you tried it.  I felt like those little pennies must have been oiled up, but it was only my serious lack of ability.  One of the best parts of this game was that it was great for any age.

And what about the 'G Spot' Challenge.  This was a blast.  Not that the search for the area to stick you flag was difficult in any way but the conversations that were shared while in the area were funny and had a whole new bunch of strangers talking and bonding.  

Handing out flags and giving instructions on how to find the
'G Spot'.
Ya know - some body's gotta do it.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to find the area.  Sort of pretty - all those flags. 

There were a few cachers who got very close to the mark but Greesepot took the prize.  It's the closest flag.  It's no mistake that this car was sitting on the spot.  Thanks to Gideon-X for supplying the base and windshield wipers to hold flags in place.

Can't forget the drawings, raffles, Podcacher and TB table.  More on that will follow soon.  

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  1. nice photos! I was WAY off on the Gspot. I mean, can THAT many of us be so wrong?! I'm thinking the original coords weren't accurate ;-)