Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Day For Some Cachers

Regan Smith and Fido Downs Smith, Team Evil Fish, is known by most Arizona cachers by the large number of events that they attend and host.  Today, being it's Valentine's Day, I think it would be fun to recognize them as a couple that actually met through geocaching.  A true Geocaching couple.

I asked Fido Downs if she would mind sharing a bit of a story with us about how these two cachers became the ultimate caching couple.  Here is what she had to say.


My mom and I had just started geocaching and were looking forward to attending our first event. I, being the self-proclaimed "information officer", read all of the logs several times before going to the event. In the logs there was some discussion about how the event would go and I decided that I would probably like the host because they seemed to have a good sense of humor. I knew nothing about the host except what was said in the logs.

At the event my mom and I met some really nice cachers, got some very helpful information and, as we were leaving, met the host - Team Evil Fish. He and a friend of his dared us to leave a large travel bug at some one's front door and then ding-dong-ditch. If we completed the task successfully, they would buy us dinner at the next monthly event.

My mom almost never passes on a dare. Under cover of darkness, my mom and I delivered the trackable just as they had described.

At the next month's event, my mom and I got free dinner and we ended up having a fairly long conversation with Team Evil Fish and some others. I was still liking this Team Evil Fish guy and his good sense of humor.
After that my mom and I attended all of Team Evil Fish's monthly events, making friends, finding difficult caches and learning some of the finer points of geocaching.

One day, out of the blue, TEF invited us on a road trip for an event in cooler climes (during summer) and caching all the way home. Looking for any and every excuse to escape the heat and find more caches, we went with him and had lots of fun. Since that trip, I have been in contact with TEF almost every day.
Roughly six months after we first met, TEF and I were married. We had the kind of wedding I've always wanted - last minute, in a courthouse, with only the judge and our witnesses in attendance. It was perfect.

Geocaching has always been part of our relationship... TEF was hosting an event one week after our wedding and that's when we announced to the caching world that we were married. After we moved into our apartment we had a "house warming" geocaching event. Every year we celebrate the anniversary of our first meeting by hosting an event at the same location.

And now we are a caching family. We have a little boy named Stuart (a.k.a. FidoFish) who was born in January. His baby shower was a geocaching event. When some friends came to visit him in the hospital, they hid a cache nearby in his honor. He was also the youngest person at Arizona's first Mega event!

We are, very definitely, a geocaching family.
Our son is pretty much the very definition of a geobaby.
I wouldn't want it any other way.

I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention one other couple from Arizona.   This is one of those couples where the 'guy' is a cacher and the 'wife' is not.  But you wouldn't know it most of the time because she is so supportive of his adventures and goes along often.  I think she must really like this guy.

I don't know that there is a cacher in the area that does not know Adventure Mike, aka Mike Carey.  If you follow Mike on Facebook you also know of Julie.  What I found on facebook this morning is a bit of info about
 this couple that are so truly in love.

This Valentine's Day is their 32nd wedding              anniversary.  Amazing! 

If you want to see what an amazing couple this is, just check out this little goody that Mike posted on Facebook. You may want to grab a tissue first.

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