Friday, February 8, 2013

Yuma Mega Event #10 - With Warnings

The Yuma Mega Event #10 kicks off tonight with the Warm Up BEFORE The Warm Up Event.  This is going to be one amazing event.  But, in case you missed the post from S*W*A*G* from a couple of weeks ago, there are some possible dangers when caching.  Most of use from the deserts of Arizona know what I am getting to here.  If you don't, you may be interested in a few facts about the desert wildlife. 

Snakes DO NOT hibernate during the winter.  They are cold blooded creatures so they are not active and they move slowly, but they do not sleep.  When the temps hit in the 60's, they come out to eat.  SchnauzerQueen can attest to this.  She had a close encounter just a couple of weeks ago. Another fact about snakes that make them a bit more dangerous in the winter months is that they have not shed their winter skins so there could be skin over their eyes.  They will strike at anything since they can not see well.  So - be extra careful when in the desert and sticking your hands in bushes or under rocks.

Other dangers - bugs.  I, for one, don't mind bugs in the least.  But I am not crazy about the ones that have ugly attitudes.  Examples - scorpions, centipedes, and other spiders with a nasty bite.  All of these bugs
come out to sun on (or under) a rock or in the dirt, and hunt food in a bush.  Scorpions especially enjoy a warm wall and they can climb them quite easily. They won't chase you down so there is not reason to attack them but if you touch them or get too close, they will protect themselves.  It's best to kick over a rock before you pick it up.  Shake a limb of a bush before reaching in.  Just keep a keen eye on the area when enjoying this weekend.  

Enjoy the weekend.  Be safe. 
Happy hunting.

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