Monday, February 11, 2013

Yuma Mega Event - The Pre Game Show

The Yuma Mega Event 2013 was a super hit when it comes to geocaching events.  But we must not forget everything that leads to the BIGGY event day.  We had the The Warm Up Before The Warm UP, and then there was the Warm Up Event; what a super fun place Z Fun Factory is.

For this weekend, I was accompanied by two early teen boys.  Needless to say, a bunch of old farts, standing around talking about the biggest fish cache they had found, was just a bit worse than boring.  Next year I think I would like to plan a side event that is geared around this age of kid.  Anyway - thank goodness for game rooms and go carts.  I maintained Super Grandma rating, yet another day.
Someone was wise enough to place us in the rear of the park, putting a bit of space between this group and the 'normal' population.  I am not too sure what the final count was but the sign up sheet was pretty impressive.
 The wind was chilly but that didn't stop the crowds from gathering around the Buzzards Cove Cantina sharing stories and catching up on the events in their live over the past year, since the last Yuma Event.
 I always seem to get pics of other people taking pics.  And I don't even try. 
Geocachers excel at holding up walls, especially in windy conditions.  And here is the proof.  One guy here is multi-tasking; holding on his had while supporting the wall.  Such talent we had here today.
Now tell me something, please.  Is this little girl not going to be the most beautiful geocacher when she grows up?  We will have to keep track of her.
Daniel Hunt, better known to all geocachers as The Raven from Ravenland, may share stories of caching, but doesn't spill any secrets about his amazing caches.  The Raven is known for his unique talent of cache development.
Team Lookin Good are being true to their name.  Here they enjoy a few moments with SchnauzerQueen and sharing their path tags.  I was lucky enough to score one of them also!

One thing that was on my mind while I was looking around - and tell me that you didn't think about this also - what fun it would be to hide caches in this water park!
 Last but not least - a perfect gentleman to send us off to an evening of night caching.  

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