Friday, September 6, 2013

Bring Joe Home Update

Here is a little Bring Joe Home update, just in case any of the geocaching community is close by and want to give him a little encouragement.

Note from Joe's wife -
 See what Joe has in front of him today? Mt. Humphrey, in Flagstaff, can be seen way out in the distance in this photo. He begins his descent into the canyon this morning! Like going down 6000 stairsteps. 5.5 miles. Meeting him at the South Rim on Sunday. Can't wait! Safe travels, Joe! ~Sandy, the hiker's wife

Here's his Thursday night - what a beautiful camp site -

One of Joe's views for Friday -

As of tonight, Joe has made it to Cottonwood Campground.  Here's just a bit of info about the area -

 Cottonwood Campground (CCG) is a small campground 6.8 miles below the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on the North Kaibab Trail. Bright Angel Creek nearby offers a cool and refreshing place to get wet. Seasonally (mid-May to mid-Oct) potable drinking water is available at the campground. During other times of the year you should be prepared to filter/treat water obtained from the creek. There are deer, ringtail cats, and squirrels in the area. Cottonwood has an emergency phone and toilets. Day hike destinations include Roaring Springs, Ribbon Falls, and Manzanita Canyon.

Now the question is - are there any cachers out there who may cross paths with Joe?  Maybe take a minute to shake his hand, share a bit of encouragement, tell him how great it would be if he were geocaching also. 

I have not been able to find co-ordinates for the Cottonwood Campground but, Phantom Ranch is near by and here's that location -  
                                                          36.1050° N, 112.0953° W

Caches in the area. you may ask ?  Check out the map and see a few. The farther he travels the more caches start appearing.

Most important information that I could give you right now is the update on his fund raising.  As of today, $8,280 of the goal of  $30,000  have been raised.  Not to bad but I hope the $$$$ keep coming in.   

If this is the first post you have seen, please check out the beginning of this series by clicking HERE.

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