Saturday, September 7, 2013

Geocachers Making NO Sense At All

As usual, I am a bit confused.  Let me tell you why with this little bit of a post.  

The temps are definitely still summer like.  I am talking about  the deserts and even the high deserts are hitting triple digits. 

and  - 

my thoughts are still of sinking my naked toes in the sand and playing on a nice cool beach  . . . . . .

when i go out caching, I am still wearing tank tops and shorts because it is just too darn hot to wear protective clothing   . . . . . .

and  -

what do i see that Space Coast Geocaching Store is offering on their Facebook and their twitter?

Holiday Geocoins ! ! !    Yep - Cute little Holiday Geocoins ! 

Now - am I mistaken or is there just something wrong with this?   You check out Space Coast Geocaching Store and let me know what you think.

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