Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can't Wait For October For Haunted Caching

I have really tried to be patient to start posting info about haunted caches or cemetery caches.  I love the holiday.  I love the fact that we can really creep ourselves out, just by being in the proximity of a graveyard.  But do know that I totally respect the sacred sites and would only cache where I believe the placement is appropriately.  With that out of the way - I want to start with San Diego.

There are some great ghost tours in the San Diego area.  My favorite one is Haunted San Diego.  It's reasonably priced, covers a lot of area; some driving with the ability to get out at each stop, and there is a bit of a walking part also.  So you really do cover a good area in this two hour tour.

Back to caching - in a really haunted Old Town San Diego area.

El Campo Santo and Beyond (GCP1VPB) is located in the area of the graveyard of the same name.  El Campo Santo Cemetery is the residence of 477 people.  Not all of them are very happy with their situation.  Seems like some rude type builders from the past built roads and buildings over some of the graves, forcing them to reside under the street and foundations.  Not a good thing.  So, be very careful if you are caching at night or alone.  Some spirits really hold a grudge.

The difficulty of this small cache is a 1 1/2 as is the terrain. 
Location - N 32° 45.032 W 117° 11.571

Check out the full description by clicking HERE

Sticking to this haunted Old Town San Diego area, and just up the street from El Campo, is another cache - a virtual one this time.  Just maybe, this cache tells us a bit about why there are so many ghost in the area.  Gunfight at the Old Town Corral, GCGE40, has a difficulty of 1 and terrain of 1, so it is perfect for all ages.  Punch in  N 32° 45.111 W 117° 11.630 on your Garmin and take the whole family to discover this one.  And grab some great grub while there.

Only a hop, skip and a mighty jump from Old Town is the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  Did I feel any spirits looking over my shoulder?  Nope.  None.  But, I guess everyone have to take a break every now and then.  Right?

Resurrection of the kwver!'s Cache #2 has a bit of a story.  This is a 'saved' cache.  It was destine to be archived when along came a dedicated cacher who adopted it.  GC1DQAN is located just a short drive toward Cabrillo National Monument.  This small cache contains some fun little goodies for trade.  Rated at a 1 1/2 for difficulty and terrain, this cache is sort of tricky but has easy access. The area is beautiful so take time to enjoy.  As always, respect our soldiers.

If you find 'anyone' at this location when caching here, the kind of 'anyone' who may reside there, please let me know.  Don't forget to travel on down the road to the Monument, light house and tide pools.  They are all remarkable.

That's it for now.  I will be searching for more southern California haunted and graveyard caches.  But what is even more exciting for me is to share some of the Arizona haunted caches.  Thanks to fellow cachers I have an unbelievable number of caches to share.

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