Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is Geocaching Just a Hobby For Few?

Sometimes I do a post just for my own entertainment.  This is one of those post.  I use the maps on all the time.  If I am going to be in an area, I will look at the map and see if there are any interesting caches close by.  Last night, way late, when I should have been enjoying the mattress more than the Internet, I decided to take a look at these views of the caching world.  I was entertained.  Hummm  - Guess it doesn't take much sometimes.  My thought went to something that I have occasionally hear - "I have never hear of this little hobby", or "I can't believe anybody actually does this when there is no financial gain".  Take a look at these maps and tell me that this is a 'little' hobby or that people only invest their time for 'financial gain'.

I have one question here - Can you see Japan on this map?  Maybe not.  Can't see the land for the cache marks.

 You can almost see a distinct line where the caches end.  From Sweden to Spain, Romania to The U.K., the caches rule the map.  I really appreciate the slight scattering of other caches on the map.  I bet there are some amazing stories to go with those.  I will add that to my list of research to do soon.

Any big surprise here?  The U.S. definitely has areas that are more populated but there really isn't any that are totally lacking in possible finds. 

The southern part of Africa is getting some action - not bad.  But what is this with Austrialia?  The western and central areas are pretty good.  But what about Queensland and New South Wales?  There's got to be a reason and I am gonna find out just what it is.  Anybody out there that can tell me? 

This last one is really just for fun.  I look at this and think - how many of these caches are 'underwater' ?  That's what it looks like but - there are so many small islands with caches.  Amazing.  You really can't tell, but even Hawaii looks like floating caches.  Don't know that I will ever make it to island caches but I can always hope.  

That's all for the random chaos of my mind.  Now back to researching Haunted Caches!

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  1. Love area in Northwestern Ontario, namely, Dryden is all but exhausted with my finds. Thanks for your posts.