Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Geocache Super Tips

Recently I received some info on haunted caches from Meredith, Georgia Geocachers Association.  She sent me a couple of newsletter that had the list but also had a short article with some super info.  I think you will like seeing this info, especially if you are a new-bee cacher.  Check this out.

From the Reviewer’s Corner… 

Submitting a new geocache for review. 

It's surprising to see that geocachers don't take advantage of the "Note to Reviewer" window when submitting a geocache for a review or use a "Post Reviewer Note" log type. This window and log type is for you to communicate to reviewers and assist them in reviewing your submission. This will help your geocache get published faster. In the note to reviewer, you can provide information like, permission issues, how and where the geocache is hidden, that you have labeled the container as a geocache, and/or provide any other information you may think the reviewer will ask about your geocache. Reviewer Notes are automatically erased when the cache is published, so that the general public does not see them. 

For more information about reviewer notes please see, 

For more information about how to hide a geocache please see, 

If a terrain rating is a one star, does that mean the geocache is handicap accessible? If a terrain rating is a 1.5 star rating does that mean the geocache can not be handicap accessible? The answer is no.

 The terrain rating is about getting to the location of the geocache. The placement of the geocache could be out of reach of a wheelchair user for a number of reasons. 

For example, from a parking lot to ground zero is 50 ft on a concrete walkway to a park bench under a tree. The geocache is in the branches above the bench. Even though the terrain is a 1, someone that is limited to a wheelchair cannot reach the geocache. 

Lets say from a parking lot to ground zero is .5. The geocacher has to use the handicap access ramps that will elevate them 10 feet up to the boardwalk and then over the aged uneven wooden boards to ground zero, resulting in a rating of 1.5 terrain. Since the geocache is reachable for someone that is limited to a wheelchair, it's a wheelchair accessible cache. 

The best way to help handicap geocachers is the use of attributes and text on the cache page. For wheelchair information, please see, 

For information for attributes see, 

Please take the time to watch this 4 minute Latitude 47 video for more information about handicap accessible. geocaching-com-lost-found-video/ 

Thanks and happy caching, 


Thanks Georgia Geocachers Association and thanks to Meredith for sharing the newsletter.  These are super tips for those establishing new caches.  

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