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Cemetery Caches - Again in Arizona

I am sure that not all cemetery caches are haunted caches.  If you don't have some really good stories of ghost and spirits, we have to assume that all those lost soles have moved on.  Right?  We can go on our merry way, wonder through the cemeteries and enjoy the thoughts of the history of these areas.  So many stories could be shared by the deceased, if they could only communicate.  So take you time, for the caches, enjoy the scenery, knowing that all is save.  But I would be willing to bet that most of you will not dare to do your caching at night. 

So, back to Arizona we go to catch up on caches that have been respectably placed in the home of the undead dead.

First up - 
GCPQ2H, Memory of . . . . . The Lost Padawans, seems to be a difficult cache to find.  As of today, there have been 109 happy faces since it was established in 2005 by AZJEDI, but it has also had 51 not so happy faces.  Tough odds.  This is an amazing location for a cache, if for no other reason then the nearness of Westgate City Center which includes Jimmy Buffett's  Margaritaville, Yard House Restaurant, an AMC theater, a ton of shops surrounding a grassy courtyard and best of all, University of Phoenix Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals

Back to the cache - Here's the info as per

Geocache Description:


33° 33.214 & 112° 11.832 


The Above Coords will have you arriving at a Cementary, 
Yes I said a Cementary.....


Bring a Flower or two 

Please take time to acknowledge the number of lost Younglings & Padawans... 


This seems to be a very special cemetery cache.  I found no mention of any hauntings but did find many tender emotions stated.  This is a truly special cache. I don't know that I have the nerve to face this cache.  I'll stick to the spooky and ghostly. Check out what one cacher had to say -

Didn't find it.        06/02/2010

 It is better to go to a house of mourning 
than to go to a house of feasting, 
for death is the destiny of every man; 
the living should take this to heart. 

This is what I thought after attempting this cache. This one tugged at my heart! Could not find the cache though. I did look for while-and did get a little wet. I'll have to try again another time.

Very cool idea!

 Next up -

GCYXD6 - Los dias del muerto en Jerome sounds like a very interesting place.  The scenery is breath taking, the graves are tattered, the grounds are over grown with grass and weeds and the history that is evident here is absolutely amazing. As creepy as this all sounds, the worse danger that I found was the treat of summer heat, annoying grasshoppers an prickly cactus.  Check out the info and pics of this memorable cemetery, established by Zymurdoo.

Geocache Description: 

Take a walk through one of Jerome's cemetaries. Reflect on the past and enjoy the view. 

 Please take a moment to reflect on the inhabitants of Jerome's past. Park less than 500 feet from the cache but do not block the two roads to the right. You will find a locked gate but foot travel is permitted into the cemetery. 

Watch your step and follow existing footpaths. 

The hardest part of finding the cache is taking the right road. Look for a turn off approximately .15 miles from the cache and make your way to the parking area. You will pass some private residences so please watch for children and pets. 

This cache is hidden in honor of our favorite holiday and in a location with great views. 

Enjoy and Happy Caching!

I still have to say that I believe that New Mexico has the best haunted caches but this location in Jerome has the best collection of photos.  Those photos wouldn't be available if it wasn't an amazing area.  

Sticking to the same area -

Spirit of Jerome, GCVFJK is equally neat to the previous.  AzComet has been cacher friendly since 2006 with only a couple of frowning faces.  Here's the info - 

Geocache Description: 

Down a dirt road, in a mostly unmarked patch of desert scrub is a lonely cache and some of the hard working pioneers of the American west. 

The Arizona mining town of Jerome has a long and rich history, both literally and figuratively. Rich finds of copper pulled in a million dollars a month during the mine's heydey, thanks to the hard work of many often forgotten souls. 

Their hard work has ended, and most now enjoy a quiet view of the nearby Verde Valley. The rest of these pioneers are still busy as ghosts haunting in Jerome up the hill. Either way, as you visit our cache, pay your respects to the many forgotten spirits upon whose efforts Arizona was built. 

As you can see, the famous Adventure Mike actually had the nerve to go after this one in the dark.  Brave or Crazy?  No matter - he came out unscathed.  

Heading to the very deserted area, just out of Pima, there is the GC1N6A1, Bryce Cemetery cache.  This area is best known for their crops, mines and cowboys.   Woodcutter picked a great place for this hide, but again, I don't think that there are many spirits hanging out.  Check out the description -

Geocache Description: 

This is a small cache just outside the Bryce Cemetery. 

Cache is off of the Bryce-Eden Road. Trusty Companion was showing us around the area he'd been exploring. He thought we'd like this cemetery. If you know Trusty, you will know that he never actually stepped even 1 foot inside the cemetery grounds. But ignore the fact that Trusty wouldn't go into the cemetery. Go in and see the marker for Mr. Bryce. Yes, same Bryce that Bryce National Park in Utah is named for. 

Cache is a small tin but does have room for small trade items. The small capsule with the log book is a fold up pen. Please do not take it! Please only take 1 woodcut per team. 

 This cache description sounds pretty simple and easy.  But - if you take the time to read the profile of Woodworker, I am sure you will be extremely entertained. 

Heading south there is a cache with a frighteningly simple description.  I haven't been to this one so I have no idea what to think.  GC2NGDP, Once you check in, you never check out, is located a bit off the highway heading south out of Safford.  From what I have read, the biggest danger here is the heat and possibly the grouchy old man who wants to run you off if you don't have a relative buried there.  Littlelulu7 found a great, little known location for this cache.  Check out the little bit she offers as a description. 

Geocache Description: 

On a dirt road that is car friendly 

 It is all in the name.

And that is it.  All there is to go on.  I have one suggestion on this cache.  If you take a flower with you when visiting this cache, just maybe the grouchy old man will be a bit more easy on you.  And it never hurts to leave a nice little offering when visiting those who can not go out and gather their own flowers.  

Lastly - let's head farther south to the Town Too Tough To Die, Tombstone

Nobody can argue that Tombstone is a town of spirits running amuck.  The history of this town is of  mining, gambling houses, bars, brothels,  gunfights and death.  What remains is a great tourist town full of history, fun, spirits and caches.  There are many to find but for now I will share the information on GCGEOR, Monumental Ed, owned by Scrawlinn.  Sound like this cache is going to be pretty simple to find but, as always in Arizona, beware of the summer heat and creepy crawlies.  Many cachers mention close calls and sitings of both snakes and bugs.  Check out the description -

Geocache Description: 

Hidden near a monument to the founder of Tombstone, Ed Schieffelin. It's a Dirt road in from Tombstone city limits but well maintained; it can be used by non-4WD vehicles, only about 2 miles out of town. You will have to step about a rocky area just off of a side road. Be careful of rattle snakes, scorpions, thorns. The gate on the side road may be open or shut, dependent on current cattle roaming. If shut when found, shut when leaving. If open; leave open. 

**The monument was recently annexed by the Tombstone Courthouse National Historic site and is once again a nice, clean place to visit.** 

This was our first cache placed, 2 days after finding our first, and one day after joining 

Container: Large, rectangular, gray/blue, top-lid, rubber-maid type storage bin... about 5 GAL capacity. 

Concealment: Tucked in amongst a natural rock niche... added a few more rocks to one side so it's not visible to passers-by on the ranch trail. It's Easily visible to off-trail searcher. 

We keep it stocked with AZ and Mexico (Sonora) auto license plates. We welcome drops of license plates from other states/countries. 

Tombstone is a super place to cache.  Place on a day trip to The Town Too Tough To Die and enjoy some caching, eating and playing.

 Fear the night - in Tombstone shirt

Double gun w/ skull Tombstone shirt

The Justice Team of Tombstone shirt  

That's all for Arizona, once again.  So many more to cover, so little time.  I think this will have to be a year round project.  Check back again for still another state with ghostly caches.  

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