Thursday, January 2, 2014

Geocaching Videos Favorites From 2013

What better way to start the year than with a couple of videos from cachers, starting with this little video from Joshua Johnson, the World famous Geocaching Vlogger.  He does an amazing job with his own videos. Certainly the right person to put together a little collection to share.

Joshua is a true family guy and pushes his limits a bit with his sharing of  GeoPat92's  little bit from a 'naked geocache', on his Best Geocaching Videos of 2013.  Never fear - he maintains his G rating by limiting what is shown.  It is guaranteed to add a chuckle to your day.

Also on the vid is little bits from Mark Wereley who documented an amazing cache. And GeoDave, who is a new Vlogger  who is extremely entertaining and Frederick from Sweden, who is an award winning video cacher.

Joshua also has a great video that covers InternationalGeocaching Day in Seattle, where there was a Geocaching Block Party, with thousands exciting of cashers. I love that he spreads himself around and does interviews with lots of individuals, from all over the country.  

I have been a fan of WarCat for the past couple years.  When I think extreme geocacher, I think of this guy.  I guess I live vicariously thru him, as he does the caches that only dream of ever doing.  I don't have a fear of heights or caves, but it just isn't physically possible for me.  Take a look at a couple of  WarCat's  adventures. 

WarCat really knows how to put on a show. Not only are his caches amazing, but the photography and the music are amazing too. To top it all off, he goes for the cache and really doesn't reveal where it is hidden. Bet you noticed that when he was repelling off the bridge and thru the tree limbs.  I am wondering if he mostly caches in France.

And just a couple more that are from 2013 (the cache may have been found in 2012 but vids popped in, or close to, 2013) that are pretty neat.  One from Columbia that looks like something I would like to add to my Geocaching Bucket List. Not only is it interesting but such a beautiful area. About as different as it could be from the dessert that I live in. You'll love this adventure.

And just one more that is super neat. It's a bit long but well worth it. If you have never been caching in the South of Wales, you will definitely enjoy. What a way to celebrate a birthday.

These vids should inspire you to make big plans for your geocaching in 2014. Invite friends and take family - make it an unforgettable year.  And by all means - please share your stories. 

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