Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cache In Trash Out

     To a new Geocacher the terminology may be confusing but this term is simple -  CITO – means Cache In TrashOut.  And why not?  As Geocachers we all have seen what can happen to the beauty of the areas we hunt in, not to mention the damage being done to the environment.  While we are enjoying our caching, we can help our Mother Earth.  For those of us who cache as a family it is an easy way to teach the future generations how to clean up while having fun.  Definitely easier and more enjoyable than getting that play room cleaned at home. 

     CITO is an environmental initiative supported across the world by the geocaching community since it’s conception in 2002.  The concept continues to grow and now gets commercial recognition such as that from Magellan who I found sponsored the 2011 CITO annual event. I haven't found any record of other past sponsorships or for the 10th Annual Cache In Trash Out Weekend which is scheduled for April 21st and 22nd, 2012 but i am sure someone will come through.   Big sponsorships are nice but not needed especially for small events that can and are scheduled by local groups and individuals like you and me.   

     Checking out some forum post I found a couple of basic and simple ideas to follow:

     From a member back in 2003   American Eagle   -   Here is a neat idea. A friend of mine came up with this. Take a small container about the size of a 35mm film container. Put a trash bag in it, and drop it off in a cache. The idea is for the next cacher to use the bag to pick up trash on his/her way out. Replace the bag with a new one and then drop it off in the next cache.
     Premium Member Knobhiker says - I started to use large pill bottles labeled "CITO" for my litter bag and rubber glove containers. At each cache I would leave one of these, but I ran out of pill bottles. Then it hit me. :blink: Put the bags in the glove, and write "CITO" on the glove! This eliminates one more possible waste item - the pill bottle. So if you find a geocache with a "CITO" rubber glove stuffed with a Wal-Mart bag, Knobhiker was there, or another conscientious cacher! :P CITO on every hunt

I might add some info from other little bits and pieces that I read –
     Carry a few small containers with the CITO supplies with you at all times and turn any cache with room in it into a CITO cache.  Others are sure to copy this idea.
     Make labels for your CITO containers with instructions, just in case someone who is not aware of it’s  purpose.
     Involve family, friends and organizations in caching and in turn, CITO.
     Also think of the ‘Leave No Trace’ or ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out’ concept, it can and should become a way of caching for all of us.

Make CITO more than an event or concept – make it a philosophy we can all adopt.

  Check out this little Youtube Vid that shows, in the beginning, a group doing a CITO event.  Don’t stop watching when that part ends.  The ending will show you one of my favorite all time caches and the subject of a soon to be post.  You are guarantee to enjoy. 

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