Thursday, January 19, 2012

Custom Swag

     I was recently out with SchnauzerQueen doing a little caching in nice little river side park; actually I was in search of some of the caches that she had recently hidden.  Along the way back I stopped and picked up one, not hers, and found this really neat little Geo pin from RavenStudios.  It is really neat so I snagged it and left my trademark swag behind. 
     I was pretty curious about this little bit of swag and checked out Raven Studios and Linda Wallace, the designer of the pin.   I emailed Linda and found that she has her studio right in Tucson and it sounds really unique.  I have not had time to go to Tucson to check it out but it is on my list to do soon.  What I did find out is that she has designed coins and pins to sell and to leave behind also.  

     Her pieces were manufactured by a company called Oak Coins based in Utah.  I contacted them with all kinds of questions and was lucky enough to get Michael, who is a guy with a lot of patience.  I got some price quotes for coins and pins and an offer to help with anything I may need. 
     I am not any kind of expert or even knowledgeable about any of this stuff but after a little research I did find that Oakcoins is more than a little bit reasonable with their pricing and service.  They can work totally with your designs, will help with your designs or you can use there are department.  All so reasonable !  So, if you have ever considered having your own custom swag made, look around and check out numerous site, but don’t forget Oakcoins.  And you can always ask for Michael, the guy with patience.
            Good things to know about what Oakcoins can do for you -
Activation Code Retrieval System
Activation code labeling
Quality Alphanumeric Laser Engraved with Color Fill
Handling of all interaction with Groundspeak for your codes
No minimum order requirements for Generic PC or EV Event Codes
Use of Oakcoins Free Dies     

     Back to RavenStudios
I will add an update on this when I get a chance to check out the studio.   Linda doesn’t have a website but you can contact her with her email address

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